The 19th China (Shanghai) international optical industry exhibition

Column:Company news Time:2019-02-25
The 19th China (Shanghai) international optical industry exhibition

The 19th China (Shanghai) international optical industry exhibition has opened at the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall on 21st FEB 2019. The exhibition is one of the largest glasses industry and trade exhibitions in Asia, involving more than 800 enterprises from dozens of countries and regions around the world. As a China's leading brand in ophthalmic medical equipment industry Yeasn not only show the strength of products and great support to dealers, but also shoulder the responsibility of industry leader, exchange experience with domestic and overseas customers, drive the positive transformation of the industry, realize the prosperity of ophthalmic medical equipment industry in China through the exhibition.

In this exhibition Yeasn company exhibited lensmeter serials, Vision tester serials, pupilmeter serials and other mature products, also displayed auto lensmeter,LCD visual chart, slit lamp and other new products.

 During the exhibition, Yeasn exhibitors brought innovative technology and quality services, through professional explanation and demonstration to spread the products of Yeasn to domestic and overseas customers warmly welcomed by many new and old customers, and completed the exhibition goal.

In competitive optical and ophthalmic market, our company always uphold the company's values and quality policy, customer demand research, focus on research and development with great concentration, improve quality, to shape "YEASN" brand, not only to provide consumers with high-quality products and services, but also has established solid cooperation with dealers, all-round promoted customers the awareness of Yeasn brand, 2019, the Yeasn will rise abruptly to the next level with accumulated strength.